We provide finance to pay a wide range of professional fees across all sorts of sectors – accountancy, property management, health and safety, training and trade associations to name a few.

If you have provided a service for your clients and want paying in full now, but your client may like the facility to pay over  a number of instalments, then speak to us about bridging that gap.


  1. Improved cash flow - fees paid in full

  2. Cost savings – reduce the time spent administering fee collections.

  3. Online services – instant access to transact business online

Want to find out more?

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We have been operating the Premium credit fee funding scheme for twelve years. The scheme fundamentally changed the relationship with our clients in respect of payment of professional fees and dramatically improved our cash flow. Recent developments have significantly improved the operational aspects including improved payment time to our firm and the online process has made it easier for clients to review their account etc. The application process is also quick and easy for both the client and the practice. Once clients understand the scheme most take advantage of it as it makes payment of professional fees a simple process.

Baverstocks Chartered Accountants.