As specialists in delivering premium finance for all kinds of personal insurance, Premium Credit offers competitive regular premium payment plans. Our plans allow your clients to spread the cost of insurance and help them to budget more effectively. As an added convenience, if they have several policies with a common renewal date, your clients will even be able to pay for them all with a single regular payment.

At Premium Credit, we understand the importance of providing a smooth and seamless service. That’s why we’ve made sure that our online system PLaSMA can handle high volumes of premium finance to make your life easier. It means you can transact 100% of your clients’ business without manual intervention and have instant access to detailed client and management information.

In addition, we make integrated software available which works in tandem with your own systems. This efficiently provides point of sale information electronically direct to your PC and means simple signature-free sign up, mid-term adjustments and renewals are all at your fingertips.