The process for both parent and the school is totally seamless

Parents apply to open up their account online before the begining of any term via the bespoke URL / Advert that we provide on the school website

They will be guided through our online application process and if the application is approved SFP will notify the parent (s) and the school. 

Once the application for a credit agreement is approved SFP will notify the school

The school can then go online with SFP and advise us of the correct schools fees. We appreciaate that fees may change and adjustements can also be processed at any time using the online portal

Parents will receive an email / letter notifying them of the due dates and monthly amounts to be collected by Direct Debit from their bank accounts

We subsequently send the school full payment at the start of each term

All subsequent transactions are simply applied to a parents account online by the school and we advsie parents of the adjusted instalments